CASE STUDY: YourMechanic Uses Exit Overlay to Overcome Visitor Apprehension

by Rooster Team on October 28, 2014
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YourMechanic was founded in 2011 on the idea that consumers were fed up with cost and inconvenience of traditional auto repair services.

Backed by high-profile investment groups including Andreessen Horowitz, Crunch Fund and Y Combinator, the company set out to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent.


As a web-based company, YourMechanic relies heavily on the performance of and a series of well-developed landing pages supporting paid search campaigns.

your-mechanic-homepage homepage

The main challenge for the YourMechanic team was overcoming initial customer objections to a mobile mechanic service, as this type of service was something very few had used before.

The team found that those who tried the service loved it, but educating prospects on the convenience and quality of their offering was a major hurdle.

Video testimonials on

Much of this challenge stemmed from the reputation of the auto repair industry itself, which is characterized by questionable markups and poor service.

-Our challenge is showing prospects that


YourMechanic’s paid search traffic runs through a series of landing pages, each addressing a specific repair issue.

Landing page for timing belt replacement service

To help educate the customer, YourMechanic launched a Rooster Exit Overlay on their landing pages.

The goal was for the exit overlay to effectively provide a second page view to reduce apprehension and communicate the simplicity of mobile mechanic services.

Since the company’s key differentiator is the speed and convenience by which customers can get a quote and order service, the team hypothesized that specific claims on speed should be used in the exit overlay.

When users began to leave the page without signing up for a quote, the exit overlay would attempt to re-engage visitors by giving more detail on just how quickly and easily they could get a quote.


The Rooster Exit Overlay employed many of the same design elements used on the landing page.

Exit overlay on, activated when a user begins to abandon the page

In the headline, a specific claim that filling out a quote “only takes 73 seconds” was included to reduce stress around quote process, and drive home the point that YourMechanic is a much faster and more convenient way to get your car fixed.

The exit overlay used strong contrast between the call-to-action and other design elements, with the goal of anchoring the user’s eye on the desired action.

Finally, subtle urgency was added by using the CTA “Get a Quote Now!”


Over a 3-month period, this Rooster Exit Overlay engaged 7.16% of otherwise abandoning users to the desired goal of filling out a free quote form.


  • offers an affordable, convenient alternative to traditional repair shops
  • Seeking to educate new prospects on mobile mechanic services, the company tested a Rooster Exit Overlay on their landing pages
  • The exit overlay focused on overcoming apprehension amongst prospects who had not used the service before
  • Over a 3-month period, the Rooster Exit Overlay engaged 7.16% of otherwise abandoning visitors



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