Ispionage Combines Rooster & MailChimp to Pack Funnel with New Leads

by Angus Lynch on April 27, 2015
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 where’s the best place to capture ‘warm’ email leads on your website?

Answer: the continuous flow of users who visit your site, browse your content, but leave without signing up.

Naturally, we think of abandoning website visitors as those who have seen what you have to offer, and answer with a definitive ‘No thanks.’

But user data tells a different story: that a healthy percentage of these users simply haven’t made up their minds. If you’re lucky, they’ll come back, but without some persistence on your part, they’ll likely forget about you. recognized this opportunity, and decided to tackle it using an exit popup campaign on its primary domain. The results were interesting…

Campaign Background

Ispionage is a PPC competitive intelligence tool that gives users an accurate, up-to-date snapshot of what competitors are up to.

Using the tool’s search function, customers can easily find out which keywords run to certain domains, which domains use specific keywords, and a whole lot of detail in between.

And if you know anything about PPC marketing, you know competitive intelligence is half the battle.

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Like any SaaS company, email is a core part of Ispionage’s strategy for engaging, educating, and converting potential customers.

To increase email leads, Ispionage decided to test a Rooster Exit Overlay campaign on its blog.

Campaign Details

By placing an exit overlay on its blog, Ispionage was attempting to capture email signups from users who had read blog content, but had chose to leave the site without signing up for either email updates or a free trial.

To incentivize the signup, a free download of Ispionage’s popular ebook “The Top 10 PPC Mistakes & How to Fix Them” was offered. Here’s the exit overlay below…

Untitled design
Exit overlay on, activated when an abandoning user is detected

The exit overlay was targeted at first-time visitors to the blog only, thus preventing any regular readers from being irritated by repeated views.

For signups, Ispionage integrated Rooster with MailChimp, and set up a 4-part autoresponder series:

Email 1: Says hello, and shares a link for downloading the free guide

Email 2: Shares some of the top blog posts from Ispionage

Email 3: Shares one of Ispionage’s most successful PPC infographics

Email 4: Offers another free download as a means to qualify the email subscribers

And according to Ispionage Marketing Director Joe Putnam, much of the value came from how easy it was to connect the tools together:

-What I love about Rooster is that it

Campaign Results

Over the course of a 4-month test from December 2014 to April 2015, Ispionage’s exit overlay campaign captured email addresses from 3.97% of abandoning users.

3.97% may not seem like a huge number, but capturing 40 new email addresses for every 1,000 abandoning visitors has fuelled significant growth in Ispionage’s email marketing reach.

And the numbers make more than enough sense for Joe: “Overall, we’re quite pleased and are looking for more ways to use to capture value from abandoning visitors before they leave.”



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