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19 Ways to Boost Conversions with Exit Overlays (Pop-ups)

by Jeremy Wallace on November 19, 2014

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Abandoning visitors leave your site for all different reasons.

Some weren’t swayed by your value proposition.

Some didn’t get their questions answered, or found your content wasn’t relevant.

Some found your navigation confusing, or got distracted during their session.

And others just bounced, because that’s just what users do sometimes.

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67.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned, according to the Baymard Institute.

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Across the web, we see toolmakers capitalizing on this number, and promoting the idea that poorly optimized carts are costing retailers two-thirds of their sales.

But is it really true?

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5 Scientific Reasons Exit Popups Are So Freaking Effective

by Jeremy Wallace on October 25, 2014

Exit popups increase conversion rates.

We know this because the data proves it.

And behind that data, there are several scientific explanations for why they work so damn well.

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But why are exit popups even necessary? Because people abandon websites in droves, and most will never return.

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Your online visitors have a life.

And like all of us, their lives include anxiety: kids, work, laundry, groceries—it all adds up in a hurry.

The last thing they need is a website that makes them nervous.

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This 1930s social proof strategy built a $400m empire

by Jeremy Wallace on October 2, 2014

As famed showman PT Barnum said some 150 years ago, “Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.”

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Social proof has been an effective persuasion principle for a long time, and its use in advertising is filled with examples of success through creativity.

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Somewhere between LOLcats and Deadspin last night, I ran into this video (27 seconds).

Now that’s genius.

And while there probably isn’t a name for it in a football playbook, there is a term for it in what’s called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): pattern interrupt.

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What Misheard Lyrics Teach Us About Messaging

by Angus Lynch on September 5, 2014

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“And we’ll be bakin’ carrot biscuits, every day! Bakin’ carrot biscuits, every way..”

I’m prone to mishearing lyrics. As a kid, I never understood why that BTO song blared from countless souped up Firebirds. Why were dudes so amped about baked goods?

That song was just one of many I’d hear the wrong way, but soon I learned I wasn’t alone. There’s actually a term for this type of thing, a mondegreen—defined as the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase that gives it new meaning.

It’s a stupid sounding word, and a bit ironic that it’s hard to pronounce.

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They’ve been around for a long, long year.

Reviled since the days of Geocities, the word ‘popup’ came to symbolize low-rent tactics used during the early days of online marketing.

Back in 2004, they topped the list of The Most Hated Advertising Techniques by web-usability guru Jakob Nielsen, who found 95% of users objected.

But popups have changed, as browser ad-blocking technology has all but eliminated pop-ups that open in new windows.

Today, popups are typically executed as modal overlays (or lightboxes) controlled by site owners—not media companies. They’re more relevant to what the user was browsing, as site owners have their long-term brand to think about (not just click-through ratios).


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