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What Misheard Lyrics Teach Us About Messaging

by Angus Lynch on September 5, 2014

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“And we’ll be bakin’ carrot biscuits, every day! Bakin’ carrot biscuits, every way..”

I’m prone to mishearing lyrics. As a kid, I never understood why that BTO song blared from countless souped up Firebirds. Why were dudes so amped about baked goods?

That song was just one of many I’d hear the wrong way, but soon I learned I wasn’t alone. There’s actually a term for this type of thing, a mondegreen—defined as the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase that gives it new meaning.

It’s a stupid sounding word, and a bit ironic that it’s hard to pronounce.

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10 Productivity Apps for Full-Stack Marketers

by Jeremy Wallace on August 19, 2014

For online marketers, tools can make the difference between being productive and spinning your wheels.

But with so many tools available, finding what works for your team is a task unto itself.

As toolmakers, we consider ourselves curators of apps that make work life easier.

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So if you’re like us, and subscribe to the mantra of “work smarter, not harder”, here are 10 tools you should definitely try.

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The Dumpster Fire That is Your Site Abandonment Rate

by Angus Lynch on August 11, 2014

I chose the term “dumpster fire” for a reason.

The massive pool of users who abandon your site—by most counts 70 – 95% of total visitors—share a common element: they didn’t take your desired action.

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But it’s a mistake to label them as a single group, because they end up in the dumpster for all different reasons.

Some didn’t get their questions answered. Some weren’t enticed by your offer. Some found your content wasn’t relevant. Some couldn’t navigate your design. Some got distracted. And others just bounced, because hell, that’s just what web traffic does sometimes.

But when it comes to your bottom line, it doesn’t really matter why they left. It’s all one big raging fire to you.

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