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Though hate is a strong word, I say this without hesitation:

I hate beavers.

Have you ever fought a land war against beavers? If not, consider yourself lucky.

Sure, this supposedly peaceful herbivore plays a key role in our ecosystem. Beavers build dams that create wetlands where fish, ducks and frogs can thrive and blah blah blah…

But where I’m from, beavers are a total pain in the ass. Anyone who owns land can regale you with stories of flooding, tree damage and mosquito infestations.

My hate for beavers comes from personal battles—my parents owned land. But it’s through these battles that I grudgingly came to respect the intelligence of this aquatic rodent.

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We’re often asked whether Google allows marketing overlays on webpages with incoming pay-per-click (PPC) traffic with Google Adwords.

And since Google is notorious for disabling advertisers who aren’t fully compliant, it’s an important question.

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