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 where’s the best place to capture ‘warm’ email leads on your website?

Answer: the continuous flow of users who visit your site, browse your content, but leave without signing up.

Naturally, we think of abandoning website visitors as those who have seen what you have to offer, and answer with a definitive ‘No thanks.’

But user data tells a different story: that a healthy percentage of these users simply haven’t made up their minds. If you’re lucky, they’ll come back, but without some persistence on your part, they’ll likely forget about you. recognized this opportunity, and decided to tackle it using an exit popup campaign on its primary domain. The results were interesting…

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What if 13.51% of your exiting users left their email address?

What impact would getting 135 fresh leads for every 1000 visitors have?

For CanvasFactory, it means fueling customer engagement. “Email is a huge part of our outreach strategy,” says Tim Daley, managing director for CanvasFactory in Australia. “It’s how we engage our entire customer base.”

To expand its email reach in the Australian market, CanvasFactory launched an exit overlay campaign aimed at converting abandoning visitors into new signups.

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Online marketers often place a dollar value on website traffic:

“Every organic visitor is worth $0.75 to us.”
“A referral visit is worth $1.25”
“Social visitors are worth $0.20.”

But what about the page a user lands on? Is a visit to your ‘About’ page worth the same as a landing page visit?

For most companies, the answer is a firm ‘no,’ because while some pages are high-converting, others exist only as a formality.

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oneclass promises college students “Better grades in less time” through a textbook search engine, study resources, and a live homework Q&A.

OneClass also maintains an active blog offering additional resources to students.

To increase paid subscriptions, OneClass sought to channel more traffic from the blog area to its signup page–something a bit more bold than simple CTAs and sidebar callouts.

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Spork Marketing is a leading agency focused on the auto and parts accessory markets. To increase conversions for its client, Olathe Toyota, Spork tested a Rooster Exit Overlay on one of the domains high-traffic pages.

Like most car dealerships, Olathe Toyota (Kansas) relies heavily on parts sales. To help customers find parts easily, they run a landing page dedicated to helping customers search for and order parts quickly.

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Lavinia Lingerie’s homepage

Lavinia Lingerie is a Virginia-based business that sells European-inspired lingerie to customers both online and offline.

Lavinia promotes its products under the idea that feeling and looking great can be empowering, no matter the purpose.

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YourMechanic was founded in 2011 on the idea that consumers were fed up with cost and inconvenience of traditional auto repair services.

Backed by high-profile investment groups including Andreessen Horowitz, Crunch Fund and Y Combinator, the company set out to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent.

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Yes-Downloads partners with leading software providers to promote PC-based versions of over 50 different games, productivity tools, and security programs.

In exchange for the software, Yes-Downloads promotes signups of partner programs—some paid, some freemium—and is compensated based on users accepting these third-party offers.

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Guided by a mission to “constantly challenge, innovate and deliver new and better ways to shop,” set out to offer Canadians the best online shoe-buying experience possible.

Since launching their online store in 2012, the company has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies.


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Now offering over 180 brands, ShoeMe’s busy shopping cart pages were the focus of a Rooster Exit Overlay campaign.

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UK-based Gr8tFires makes some seriously awesome wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

They’ve been doing it for 30 years, the last 6 of which they’ve successfully operated an online store at

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Their popular line of multi-fuel stoves burn coal, smokeless fuels, anthracite, and wood, allowing customers to increase energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.


The goal for Gr8fires was simple: sell more stoves online.

But like any retailer that sells high-quality, durable products, they have a long sales cycle.

So the challenge was, how could Gr8fires stay top-of-mind with prospects with such a long time gap between them starting the research process and finally making a purchase?

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In the words of founder Steven Sashen, Xero Shoes allows people to Feel The World™.

The product is a modern spin on the traditional “barefoot” running sandal: light, low profile footwear that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

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Armed with an impressive body of health research supporting “barefootwear”, and with two appearances on ABC’s Shark TankXero Shoes has experienced steady growth over the past two years.

Primarily an online retailer, the performance of is critical to the success of this company.
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