CASE STUDY: Toyota Dealer Boosts Call Traffic 54% with Exit Popup

by Jeremy Wallace on January 21, 2015
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Spork Marketing is a leading agency focused on the auto and parts accessory markets. To increase conversions for its client, Olathe Toyota, Spork tested a Rooster Exit Overlay on one of the domains high-traffic pages.

Like most car dealerships, Olathe Toyota (Kansas) relies heavily on parts sales. To help customers find parts easily, they run a landing page dedicated to helping customers search for and order parts quickly.

The search function on Olathe’s “parts” landing page was popular with users, but very few used the toll-free number to call the parts team directly. When clients did use the number, however, the call-to-conversion ratio was very high.

Translation: if Olathe could generate more phone calls from the landing page, conversions would increase.

With this in mind, the Spork team decided to place the toll-free number on an exit popup to see if call traffic would increase.

Creative & Offer

Like so many things in online marketing, the strategy is 80% of the battle. Once call traffic was identified as an important goal, the actual design/messaging of the offer was simple: just a one-word headline, a subhead, and the toll-free number.

Olathe Toyota’s exit overlay

When users began to abandon the page, the exit overlay would activate—dim out the landing page behind it—and focus user attention on the toll-free help line.

Olathe Toyota’s
exit overlay activated on the landing page

And since many visitors to the page are repeat customers, Olathe excluded returning visitors from viewing the offer (eliminating the potential for repeat customers to be irritated by the messaging).


Olathe’s exit popup generated a 54% increase in call volume.

The average call length was nearly as long as the account average, which indicates call-quality was not an issue.

Most importantly, this campaign increased Olathe’s monthly website revenue by a full 15%.



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