CASE STUDY: How an Exit Overlay Drove a 9.81% Increase in Order Volume

by Jeremy Wallace on August 16, 2014
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In the words of founder Steven Sashen, Xero Shoes allows people to Feel The World™.

The product is a modern spin on the traditional “barefoot” running sandal: light, low profile footwear that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The XeroShoes Amuri Cloud  Image Source

Armed with an impressive body of health research supporting “barefootwear”, and with two appearances on ABC’s Shark TankXero Shoes has experienced steady growth over the past two years.

Primarily an online retailer, the performance of is critical to the success of this company.


“Barefootwear” is complicated compared to regular footwear, and there are many misconceptions about the industry.

Given the task of overcoming misconceptions and educating the customer, marketing these products online posed a considerable challenge.

Since users typically afford only 6 seconds of attention to a landing page, the challenge was clear: how do we connect visitors with the information they need?


The Rooster team knew they needed a strategy to connect with users and build a customer relationship.

The team decided the best way to do this was through an email drip campaign. But with such a low signup rate in the sidebar subscription widget, how could they capture enough email addresses to make this feasible?

The answer was adding an exit overlay to the site to capture email addresses from abandoning visitors.

With a larger subscriber list, Xero Shoes could put together an email series that dispels industry misconceptions, discusses the health benefits of “barefootwear”, and offers instructions on how to run and walk properly in these products.

To avoid irritating users, the exit overlay would appear only once per abandoning user.


The creative was designed to position Xero Shoes as an alternative to what “shoe companies” offer, and to drive curiosity around founder and owner Steven Sashen.

Two exit overlays were developed for testing:

Variation A: Exit overlay focusing on positive “barefoot is better” angle.


Variation B: Exit overlay with negative angle discussing what shoe companies are hiding.


With statistically even performance between the two variations, the Rooster team decided to go with the warmer messaging in variation A.


Rooster’s exit overlay campaign generated outstanding results for Xero Shoes:

  1. Increased company order volume by 9.81%.
  1. Drove a 412% increase in email signups.
  1. Generated a 950% ROI on the campaign investment.


How many additional leads, sales and signups can you generate by harnessing exit-intent technology? Rooster is available on a free 30-day trial.



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