CanvasFactory Boosts Email Reach with Exit Popup Campaign

by Angus Lynch on March 25, 2015
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What if 13.51% of your exiting users left their email address?

What impact would getting 135 fresh leads for every 1000 visitors have?

For CanvasFactory, it means fueling customer engagement. “Email is a huge part of our outreach strategy,” says Tim Daley, managing director for CanvasFactory in Australia. “It’s how we engage our entire customer base.”

To expand its email reach in the Australian market, CanvasFactory launched an exit overlay campaign aimed at converting abandoning visitors into new signups.

Campaign Breakdown

Working off its mission to make “online photo printing easy and affordable for everyone,” CanvasFactory allows customers to upload photos from any device, choose from a unique selection of formats, and have prints delivered at rock-bottom shipping rates.

They also make it fun. Customers can choose “Styles & Sizes” that include split images, full wall displays, and collages.


On its homepage for Australian customers, the CanvasFactory team noticed a relatively high rate of abandoning users compared with other pages on the domain (not unusual).

The team hypothesized that although these users chose to abandon the page without buying or signing up, a significant percentage were likely still familiarizing themselves with the brand.

In other words, they were excellent sales leads that would take time to nurture into customers.

The team decided to use an exit overlay with a built-in form aimed at capturing email addresses from these users. To incentivize the signup, a 75% first-order discount was offered.

Here’s the exit overlay below:

Exit overlay on CanvasFactory, activated when users began to abandon the page

When users began to abandon the page, exit-intent technology would trigger the overlay. And to ensure existing customers weren’t bothered by the messaging, the exit overlay was excluded from being shown to anyone who had previously visited the site.

After submitting an email address, visitors would be given a coupon code with the exit overlay confirmation screen:


Is 75% a steep discount? Yes, but for most etailers, the tradeoff is well worth it.

Consider these numbers:

  • Over 77% of online customers prefer receiving marketing messages via email
  • Email marketing produces a $44.25 return for every $1 spent
  • Online consumers spend 138% more when contacted by email
  • 85% of prospects prefer giving their email address to paying with a tweet

And the value isn’t lost on Tim Daley: “The CanvasFactory email list is one of our most valuable digital assets; anything that grows the list is good business.”

Campaign Results

Over the course of a 60-day test, CanvasFactory’s exit overlay campaign converted 13.51% of abandoning visitors into new email signups.

Put a different way, roughly 135 out of every 1000 abandoning visitors opted in to the 75% discount, and agreed to receive further updates via email in the future.


If you have a strong promotion—as CanvasFactory did with its 75% offer—an exit overlay is fertile ground for getting it in front users who may otherwise abandon your site for good.

And for etailers who place high lifetime value on email signups, a discount is a small sacrifice for valuable sales leads who are already familiar with your brand.



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