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Unbounce Acquires Rooster Engagement Tools

by The Rooster Team on June 29, 2015


Our little Rooster has grown up so fast!

Two years ago, we hatched an idea for a simple tool that would help marketers increase conversion rates. That idea eventually became Rooster, the exit-intent solution for marketers.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Unbounce has acquired Rooster Engagement Tools.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 3.44.04 PM

 where’s the best place to capture ‘warm’ email leads on your website?

Answer: the continuous flow of users who visit your site, browse your content, but leave without signing up.

Naturally, we think of abandoning website visitors as those who have seen what you have to offer, and answer with a definitive ‘No thanks.’

But user data tells a different story: that a healthy percentage of these users simply haven’t made up their minds. If you’re lucky, they’ll come back, but without some persistence on your part, they’ll likely forget about you. recognized this opportunity, and decided to tackle it using an exit popup campaign on its primary domain. The results were interesting…

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What if 13.51% of your exiting users left their email address?

What impact would getting 135 fresh leads for every 1000 visitors have?

For CanvasFactory, it means fueling customer engagement. “Email is a huge part of our outreach strategy,” says Tim Daley, managing director for CanvasFactory in Australia. “It’s how we engage our entire customer base.”

To expand its email reach in the Australian market, CanvasFactory launched an exit overlay campaign aimed at converting abandoning visitors into new signups.

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Though hate is a strong word, I say this without hesitation:

I hate beavers.

Have you ever fought a land war against beavers? If not, consider yourself lucky.

Sure, this supposedly peaceful herbivore plays a key role in our ecosystem. Beavers build dams that create wetlands where fish, ducks and frogs can thrive and blah blah blah…

But where I’m from, beavers are a total pain in the ass. Anyone who owns land can regale you with stories of flooding, tree damage and mosquito infestations.

My hate for beavers comes from personal battles—my parents owned land. But it’s through these battles that I grudgingly came to respect the intelligence of this aquatic rodent.

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Online marketers often place a dollar value on website traffic:

“Every organic visitor is worth $0.75 to us.”
“A referral visit is worth $1.25”
“Social visitors are worth $0.20.”

But what about the page a user lands on? Is a visit to your ‘About’ page worth the same as a landing page visit?

For most companies, the answer is a firm ‘no,’ because while some pages are high-converting, others exist only as a formality.

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Rooster Product Updates: February 2015

by Angus Lynch on February 23, 2015

Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-3.16.51-PM1 (1)

Our favourite little bird continues to grow, and over the past few weeks we’ve implemented several important updates.

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oneclass promises college students “Better grades in less time” through a textbook search engine, study resources, and a live homework Q&A.

OneClass also maintains an active blog offering additional resources to students.

To increase paid subscriptions, OneClass sought to channel more traffic from the blog area to its signup page–something a bit more bold than simple CTAs and sidebar callouts.

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A/B testing is awesome! *

(*When you have an experienced and dedicated optimization team working off meaningful hypotheses*).

Screw the fine print. Just grab an Optimizely account, set up two variations, and let ‘er rip! **

(**8 out of 10 A/B tests fail to generate a lift**).

And hey, with so many tools doing the work for you, it won’t take much time at all. ***

(***Contingent on pigs taking flight.***)

So what are you waiting for? A/B testing is for YOU!

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How ‘Buyer Modalities’ Affect Your Conversion Rates

by Angus Lynch on February 3, 2015


When I was a vacuum cleaner salesman, I used to do my level best to ‘profile’ prospects while I was in their homes.

Were they neatfreaks? Parents? Gearheads? Newlyweds? Seniors? All these things would affect what I focused on during the sales presentation.

Salespeople have used these tactics forever, but on the web, we don’t have that kind of flexibility.

Instead, we’re stuck with somewhat static landing pages with a bit of dynamic content, but not much else.

So how do we know we’re sending the right message to the right users? The best way I’ve found is to make sure a landing page appeals to the four buyer modalities.

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As marketers, the clock always seems to be against us.

So when it comes to conversion optimization, most of us simply don’t have enough hours in the day to plan and execute a proper strategy—even if we did have the necessary skills and resources in place.

This led our team to a simple question: is it possible to generate a sustainable lift for a website in just a few hours?

We each had our own opinions, but to dig deeper, we reached out to 5 colourful characters in the CRO space—Brian Massey, Angie Schottmuller, Peep Laja, Neil Patel and Michael Aagaard—and asked them a simple question:

“If you could spend only 4 hours optimizing the marketing performance of a website, what would you do?”

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Spork Marketing is a leading agency focused on the auto and parts accessory markets. To increase conversions for its client, Olathe Toyota, Spork tested a Rooster Exit Overlay on one of the domains high-traffic pages.

Like most car dealerships, Olathe Toyota (Kansas) relies heavily on parts sales. To help customers find parts easily, they run a landing page dedicated to helping customers search for and order parts quickly.

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Lavinia Lingerie’s homepage

Lavinia Lingerie is a Virginia-based business that sells European-inspired lingerie to customers both online and offline.

Lavinia promotes its products under the idea that feeling and looking great can be empowering, no matter the purpose.

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First off, hat tip to Oli Gardner from Unbounce for his awesome guide on Conversion-Centered Design.

Oli’s guide defines how conversion-centered design (CCD) helps marketers design high-converting landing pages.

But since an exit popup is essentially a condensed version of landing page, CCD can also help you design an effective exit popup.

And with a CCD-inspired landing page and exit popup working together, you’ll have an awesome conversion duo that works well as a team.

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4 Examples of CRO ‘Best Practices’ Getting Spanked

by Angus Lynch on January 14, 2015


If you’ve read anything about conversion optimization (CRO), you’ve probably seen the term ‘best practices’ thrown around.

CRO best practices are commonly accepted areas you should be addressing to increase your chances of finding a successful conversion optimization test.

I stress “increase your chances” for this reason: CRO best practices often fail, which is why it’s important to always have solid optimization processes in place.

So with this in mind, here are 4 examples of CRO best practices being taken to the woodshed.

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The Latest Rooster Product Updates: January 2015

by Yosem Sweet on January 9, 2015


Since we last posted a product update in September 2014, Rooster has undergone plenty of changes.

Interface layout, targeting capabilities, and design options are just a few of the changes we’ve made over the past 4 months.

Here’s what’s new!

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Neil Patel is one of the web’s top influencers.

As founder of Quicksprout, and co-founder of Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar, Neil has pioneered growth hacks and web marketing strategies that help some of the world’s largest brands boost traffic and revenue.

Neil was also an early adopter of what’s known as exit-intent technology—the juice that drives exit overlays—and uses them to boost revenue for most of his major brands.

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19 Ways to Boost Conversions with Exit Overlays (Pop-ups)

by Jeremy Wallace on November 19, 2014

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Abandoning visitors leave your site for all different reasons.

Some weren’t swayed by your value proposition.

Some didn’t get their questions answered, or found your content wasn’t relevant.

Some found your navigation confusing, or got distracted during their session.

And others just bounced, because that’s just what users do sometimes.

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67.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned, according to the Baymard Institute.

Image Source

Across the web, we see toolmakers capitalizing on this number, and promoting the idea that poorly optimized carts are costing retailers two-thirds of their sales.

But is it really true?

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YourMechanic was founded in 2011 on the idea that consumers were fed up with cost and inconvenience of traditional auto repair services.

Backed by high-profile investment groups including Andreessen Horowitz, Crunch Fund and Y Combinator, the company set out to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent.

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5 Scientific Reasons Exit Popups Are So Freaking Effective

by Jeremy Wallace on October 25, 2014

Exit popups increase conversion rates.

We know this because the data proves it.

And behind that data, there are several scientific explanations for why they work so damn well.

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But why are exit popups even necessary? Because people abandon websites in droves, and most will never return.

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Your online visitors have a life.

And like all of us, their lives include anxiety: kids, work, laundry, groceries—it all adds up in a hurry.

The last thing they need is a website that makes them nervous.

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Yes-Downloads partners with leading software providers to promote PC-based versions of over 50 different games, productivity tools, and security programs.

In exchange for the software, Yes-Downloads promotes signups of partner programs—some paid, some freemium—and is compensated based on users accepting these third-party offers.

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This 1930s social proof strategy built a $400m empire

by Jeremy Wallace on October 2, 2014

As famed showman PT Barnum said some 150 years ago, “Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.”

Image Source

Social proof has been an effective persuasion principle for a long time, and its use in advertising is filled with examples of success through creativity.

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We’re often asked whether Google allows marketing overlays on webpages with incoming pay-per-click (PPC) traffic with Google Adwords.

And since Google is notorious for disabling advertisers who aren’t fully compliant, it’s an important question.

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Our little Rooster is growing up so fast.

Not long ago, Rooster was little more than an idea. Today, it’s a sophisticated engagement tool driving real growth for large organizations.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.16.51 PM

And thanks to your feedback, Rooster has undergone a number of improvements over the past month.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and exciting.

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Guided by a mission to “constantly challenge, innovate and deliver new and better ways to shop,” set out to offer Canadians the best online shoe-buying experience possible.

Since launching their online store in 2012, the company has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies.


Image Source

Now offering over 180 brands, ShoeMe’s busy shopping cart pages were the focus of a Rooster Exit Overlay campaign.

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Somewhere between LOLcats and Deadspin last night, I ran into this video (27 seconds).

Now that’s genius.

And while there probably isn’t a name for it in a football playbook, there is a term for it in what’s called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): pattern interrupt.

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What Misheard Lyrics Teach Us About Messaging

by Angus Lynch on September 5, 2014

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“And we’ll be bakin’ carrot biscuits, every day! Bakin’ carrot biscuits, every way..”

I’m prone to mishearing lyrics. As a kid, I never understood why that BTO song blared from countless souped up Firebirds. Why were dudes so amped about baked goods?

That song was just one of many I’d hear the wrong way, but soon I learned I wasn’t alone. There’s actually a term for this type of thing, a mondegreen—defined as the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase that gives it new meaning.

It’s a stupid sounding word, and a bit ironic that it’s hard to pronounce.

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What Are Exit Overlays, And How Do They Work?

by Jeremy Wallace on August 29, 2014

I’m often asked what exactly an exit overlay is, how it’s different from a popup, and how it’s possible to detect when people are about to abandon your site.

Hopefully this post clears up the confusion.

An exit overlay from, activated when Rooster detects a user is about to abandon your site.

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UK-based Gr8tFires makes some seriously awesome wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

They’ve been doing it for 30 years, the last 6 of which they’ve successfully operated an online store at

Image Source

Their popular line of multi-fuel stoves burn coal, smokeless fuels, anthracite, and wood, allowing customers to increase energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.


The goal for Gr8fires was simple: sell more stoves online.

But like any retailer that sells high-quality, durable products, they have a long sales cycle.

So the challenge was, how could Gr8fires stay top-of-mind with prospects with such a long time gap between them starting the research process and finally making a purchase?

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