About Rooster

After working with numerous clients who experienced high rates of website abandonment, Crowdvert founders Jeremy Wallace and Yosem Sweet asked themselves an important question:

“If you had just 4 hours to improve the performance of a website, what would you do?”

With that simple question, Rooster was born.

Rooster is a user engagement tool that utilizes exit-intent technology to increase leads, sales & signups for site owners. When Rooster’s proprietary tracking algorithm detects an abandoning visitor, it activates targeted messaging that entices the user to remain on the site.

After 13 months of development and some impressive early results, Rooster was launched as a subscription service in the spring of 2014.

In June of 2015, Rooster was acquired by Unbounce, a landing page builder that empowers marketers to design, build and publish custom landing pages without I.T. support

Meet The Team


Jeremy Wallace


Jeremy is a veteran of the digital marketing landscape with over 17 years’ experience developing and executing marketing strategy for companies including Coca-Cola, P&G, Hyundai, TELUS, and several private gaming companies.

Jeremy is a growth-focused marketer with experience building teams from the ground up, and managing marketing investments exceeding $60M per year. Prior to Rooster, Jeremy co-founded Crowdvert—an award-winning conversion rate optimization agency.

At Unbounce, Jeremy serves as chief marketing officer (CMO).


Yosem Sweet

Co-Founder, CTO

Yosem has a decade’s worth of experience leading product delivery from both a creative and a technical standpoint. He previously served as CTO for Suite101.com, and led the UX and product design process for all sports-related projects at Riptown Media from 2005 – 2008. In both roles, he helped organizations build better products by bridging the gap between software development, marketing, and user experience teams.

After co-founding Crowdvert with Jeremy Wallace in 2012, Yosem applied his unique skill-set to the conversion optimization space, managing development, design, research and analysis for all clients. As CTO, he is responsible for developing the proprietary algorithm behind Rooster.

At Unbounce, Yosem assumes the role of director of business optimization.

Angus Lynch

Director of Marketing

Through 4 years as a freelance conversion copywriter, Angus developed a unique style of writing tailored to improving conversion rates for e-commerce site owners. In the spring of 2013, he brought his skills in ‘conversion copywriting’ to Crowdvert.

Angus previously served as a staff copywriter at Strangeloop Networks (now Radware), and Vancouver-based real estate marketing firm Braun/Allison. As Director of Marketing for Rooster, he uses his ability to render technical ideas in friendly, conversational prose, while also helping Rooster clients refine their marketing message.

At Unbounce, Angus serves as a marketing copywriter.